chinese print face mask
chinese print face mask

chinese print face mask

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  •  The edges of the product are laminated with multiple pressures to make the item strong and durable, without foreign body sensation, comfortable and burden-free.
  • Perfectly cover your nose, mouth and chin, and block particulate dust from daily life to provide comprehensive protection.
  • Reliable and Breathable material: The dust filter is comfortable and breathable, and can breathe smoothly even if worn for a long time.
  • Comfortable Elastic Earloop: The mouth filter fits the skin of the face, leaving no place for dust. Super soft earloop eliminates pressure on the ear.
  • Reusable: The replacement can be used multiple times, even if cleaned multiple times, it will not reduce the dust blocking rate, which is far more economical and durable than disposable one.
  • Filter PM2.5 
  • We add our touch of fashion with a beautiful chinese print   fabric outside.
  • you have the option to have it with crystals on it.
  • Available at the location in Brooklyn.
  • READY TO SHIP,This mask is Packed and sealed.

All sales are final,We do not exchange the product for sanitary reasons.